The influence of network economy

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The influence of network economy to international economic trade,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了网络经济对国际经济贸易的影响。网络经济主要是指通过现代信息技术为基础,以互联网为依托,在电脑与电脑之间建立的较为完善的经济体系。由于网络经济是以网络为依托的,这就使得国际经济贸易也能受到网络经济优点的影响从而更加迅速的发展。网络经济的出现,使得交易更加的公平,对经济落后的国家提供了更多的机会。 网络经济的发展存在优势,同时也存在很多的问题,而这些问题则会给国际经济贸易带来很多的不利影响,使网络经济贸易存在一定的风险。

Network economy mainly refers to the relatively perfect economic system established between computers based on modern information technology and relying on the Internet. With the rapid development of information technology, as well as the development of high-tech industries, traditional enterprise of our country and the traditional economic system under the influence of high and new technology, and great changes have taken place, and gradually evolved into today's network economy, it is actually a kind of economy, virtual economy is not misunderstood by people, it's just to transform traditional economy is based on the network, with information technology as the core, to achieve "never leave home," a new pattern of development of emergency.

Everything is two-sided. Therefore, the impact of international economy on international economy and trade is two-sided, with both positive and negative effects. Next, we will analyze these two effects in detail.

As a result of the network economy is based on the network, so we analyze the network, as is known to all, the network transmission speed is very fast, and able to realize globalization, at the same time can also be effective sharing of resources, from the time limit, therefore, the network economy is analyzed from the characteristics of its own, it has high transmission speed, and the advantages of globalization, should not be restricted by time, this makes the international economic and trade can also be affected by these advantages thus more rapid development.

At the same time, we also need to payment methods for analysis of the network economy, the traditional international economic and trade terms of payment, need a lot of manpower to check, check, etc., at the same time also need to spend so much time to communicate repeatedly, this will waste a lot of human, physical, terms of payment and the network economy compared with the traditional economy is fast, in terms of payment, the characteristics of high speed through the network, save the time of payment. In addition to payment of optimization, also has a certain advantage in negotiation transactions, the traditional economic form, in the process of negotiation transactions, needs to have written documents, and trade with the terms and conditions of the two sides need to be written in the file are very understanding, according to its own conditions, which can determine whether agree to trading, while the network economy to negotiate trade has brought more form, people can through negotiation, in the form of video and make transactions no longer subject to geographical restrictions, people can be very convenient to buy foreign and hi, greatly saved trading time, This is very advantageous for the development of international economy and trade. At the same time, for countries with backward economic level, the emergence of network economy makes the transaction more fair and provides more opportunities for countries with backward economic level.

Network economy development advantage, but also the existence of many problems, and these problems will cause a lot of the negative impact of the international economic and trade make the network economic and trade has certain risk, such as due to on the network, network economy will be affected by the network virtualization, security will not be able to get a good guarantee, and for a deal, the security is very important, network virtualization, makes the information on the network is really false, it is difficult to distinguish, also makes the network appeared on the network fraud, shoddy, or even some goods does not conform to the standard production, and the occurrence of these phenomena, It has brought a lot of negative effects on people's psychology, which makes people question the network transaction, which makes the network economy can't get a better development and brings a lot of negative effects on the international economic trade.

By the above analysis, network virtualization makes the network there is no security, serious impact on the development of international economy and trade, as a result, we have to strengthen the infrastructure construction of the network and the network construction, by strengthening infrastructure construction, improve the network transmission speed, thus improve the network of new energy, make the development of network economy to get better, it is very beneficial for People's Daily consumption. At the same time, strengthen the construction of network security, through the network system encryption and other measures to screen out false information, create a safe and reliable network environment, so that people can have more trust in network transactions, so that trade can get better development.

Application in people's life as the network economy, network economy has occupied most of the people consumption, therefore, we need to cultivate more talents network, through the talent to promote the development of network economy faster, so as to further perfect system to the development of network economy, which can promote the better and faster development of the international economic and trade, can through the way of joint between colleges, found in the campus network of professional students in the enterprise practice, providing students with a good internship opportunities, but also to bring the students' innovative ideas into the development of network economy, achieve a win-win effect.

Want to make the network economy to better promote the development of international economy and trade, needs to enhance network openness, to provide opportunities to more businesses, and through the participation of more businesses, avoid the phenomenon of a monopoly, to build a good competitive online transactions, purchasing environment, enables international economic and trade under the impetus of the network economy can develop better.

To sum up, the influence of network economy on international economic and trade has both advantages and disadvantages. What we need to do is to reduce the negative influence and create a healthy, safe, reasonable and fair trading environment for consumers so that network economy can be welcomed by more people and promote the rapid development of international trade.


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